Parents Against Underage Smartphones

                    To Make Children Free

 We are parents, grandparents and concerned citizens standing  together arm in arm against the destructive force of  continuous internet use on our children 

We are willing to stand up and say collectively what you all know in your hearts - this nightmare must end, NOW! Before any more of our young are destroyed

Children do not need smartphones!! Period. End of story.

Next Meeting:  TBD


- COLORADO in first place !! in the race to outlaw giving children smartphones, all the other states will be jealous

We truly are at an unprecedented crossroads in history.  We all know that technology will continue to improve and play a huge part in our  children's lives.  What we are seeking is  balance, and we think as a nation we have gone too far.  There's no reason we can't stop for a moment, and pause to consider what is best for our children.

Nonprofit Organization of parents committed to ending the insane practice of giving children smartphones by promoting legislation  at  the  state  level

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We are a non-profit, 501(c)4 corporation.  As of today your donations are NOT tax-deductible.