May 17, 2017 : Denver CO

Title Board meeting :  Successful setting of Title! Next is signatures!

March 14, 2017 : Denver Colorado

Citizen Proposed Ballot initiative 2017-18 #19, "Prohibit Sales of Smartphones to Minors Under the Age of 13", handed in to the Colorado Legislative Staff Office, review and comment hearing scheduled for Tuesday March 28 at 10:00 AM

March 28, 2017 : Denver CO

Review and comment meeting held, Initiative resubmitted, Next meeting scheduled for April 10 1:00 PM

Thank you to the supporters that showed up!

Original version

Does this measure make it illegal for a child to own a smartphone?

 No, this measure states that it is illegal to sell a smartphone to a person under 13.  Neither parents , nor children could possibly break any law if passed.

Will phones be confiscated?

No, nothing of the sort. 

Can I still buy my child a phone for safety?

Yes, this measure only covers "smartphones" , it says specifically that good old fashioned cellular phones with voice, gps, and yes, even texting are not included.

Why do we need this measure?

The wild west free for all that we have now has left parents with little clear direction, and has caused incalculable damage to children.  The American Academy of Pediatricians came out in 2000 with their recommendations, reaffirmed them in 2012, and yet parents are unaware, and children continue to be harmed. 

What makes you an authority?

We are parents. This proposed measure was drafted by parents, and it will be voted on by parents.  The science behind it is clear and compelling. Consider who is funding any "authorities" that would be in opposition.   

Isn't it a parents right to decide?

It absolutely is a parents right to choose how to raise their child.  But it is also our American parents right to form an alliance together and try to make manufacturers and service providers accountable for the mess they have created. Further, we see this issue in the same light as alcohol.  It is a parents right to give a child a small glass of wine with dinner, but it is not acceptable to have children walk into liquor stores and purchase alcohol, nor is it acceptable for parents to get their children drunk.

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