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Parents Against Underage Smartphones

                    To Make Children Free

Well if you haven't really thought it through yet, here's where we are.  The very biggest companies in the world have a lot of monetary incentive to see us fail.  While I doubt that there are individuals that actually want to harm children at these companies, they are nevertheless bound under the constructs of the corporation to provide profit for the shareholders.  It is simply a fact of capitalism, (of which I am an ardent supporter).  The logical conclusion is that they will vigorously oppose this effort with resources that are limitless comparatively.  We have on our side unwavering determination, the knowledge that we are on the right side of the issue, and hopefully some divine intervention. 

We really are at an unprecedented crossroads in history.  We all know that tech will continue to make improvements and be a huge part of our children's lives.  What we are seeking is a balance, and we think that as a nation we have overstepped our bounds in regards to children.  There's no reason we can't stop for a minute, and take a pause to consider what is best for them. 

I'm not a salesman, I'm a doctor and asking for support is not something I'm trained to do but we need your help.  Our nonprofit structure means our books are open.  I know from talking to a lot of you that it seems hopeless, impossible, but if we all pull together we can do it.  We're grateful for any support you can give.  Thank you.  

Timothy Farnum DO