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              Who are we?

We are parents, grandparents, and concerned citizens standing together, against the destructive force of easy nonstop internet access for children disguised as progress. We are willing to stand up and say what we all know in our hearts, that children do not need smartphones.

There is very little benefit, and so very much to be lost.

              We are not anti-tech.

In fact, there is some evidence that video games can be beneficial in certain circumstances, and heaven knows what a great thing it is for a family to be able to watch videos on long cross country car trips. Young prodigies like Zuckerberg need to have access to a safe internet. There are many other examples of benefits. But, what we as parents have seen firsthand played out over and over Is that the changes in our own children after being given handheld internet devices is different than just having an xbox, or having a family desktop.  The continuous use of these devices is extremely detrimental to children, we see it, and we intend to put a stop to it. 

Currently, parents are supposed to do everything, and the manufacturers, content and service providers, basically everyone in the whole industry gets a free pass.  Parents are somehow supposed to be up to date on the current recommendations on usage from experts, and enforce these recommendations, plus guard their children everywhere they go. This is not only unfair, it is altogether impossible given the saturation of our children's environment. This is why we believe that only through legislation led by us parents can we begin to shift the discussion not from if a child should own a smartphone, but how can we introduce the technology that they will be masters of as adults, without short circuiting their healthy natural development?    

Board Of Directors

Frank Bonifacio DO

Jeffery Cross MD

Mary Beth Cross RN

Timothy Farnum DO

Nikki Petersen M.S. 4

Parents Against Underage Smartphones

                    To Make Children Free

           Why are we experimenting with children!?

It is known what is the best environment for developing an intelligent, functional human. Face to face interaction as babies, play, and not coddling them, but challenging them, a natural childhood.  We in America have fallen behind other countries with less resources, because we have coddled and tried to entertain instead of instruct.  Wozniak, Jobs, Gates, Musk, Edison, Tesla, Einstein, all had relatively rough natural childhoods.  Jobs was famous for not allowing his kids to have i-pads.  He knew great minds take a long time to develop naturally.

As we look back though history we see how many decades it took to enforce age limits on tobacco, to get people to use seat belts, to limit underage drinking, to stop child labor, we have age limits on pornography, movie attendance, driving a car, all of which are appropriate. We don't have decades to wait for something to be done!  Years from now parents will look back on our time and shake their heads and wonder how we allowed this atrocity. Allowing our children to be robbed of their carefree days of wonder, laughter, and normal natural development. Yes, they will wonder, didn't they see it?, didn't they see their children stop achieving, stop playing, stop laughing, ceasing to be free? Instead, isolating themselves in their rooms choosing soft and cushy electronic lives over their real ones. Didn't they see the damage? We at P.A.U.S. see, and millions more Americans across this great land see. We know we are right! You ask a man what he will fight for, maybe his job, his country, his property.  But, I ask you, what will he gladly die for?  His family, his very own children! , and he'd be honored to. This is the level of resolve we have as parents.

            What then, can we do, you ask??

The struggle will be mighty, but we can unite and if our representatives refuse to act, we will act for them, and place by citizen ballot measures laws that place age restrictions on children owning portable internet electronics, force phone manufacturers to actually make filters that function before handing them to our teens, and hold ourselves as parents responsible for child endangerment if we give unlimited internet access to any child.

Further, children need to be able to turn in graphic images sent to them without fear of their own records being scarred.  New technologies need to be created to make the internet safe for kids when they do go online.  I join Mary Aikens in the call for the creation of a separate internet which is safe for children.  It is possible.

In the future we need to be much more careful about how we unleash new technologies on our children and how they will be affected by it. Don't let your child become one of the drones walking around watching the flashing lights and magnificent achievements of those that have benefited from a natural childhood.

Father of 5 , ages 11 -19

From Fountain Valley CA. Now in Denver CO.  Magna Cum Laude Western Illinois University 1996. Medical School, Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, Anesthesia Residency, Loyola University Medical Center, Anesthesiologist in Denver Colorado.  Sings for fun in the 90s rock band "Sons of Seattle"

Dr Timothy J Farnum

Founder and President